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Friday, January 5, 2018

cyber security


 Friends, I'm telling you cyber security measures. By which you guys have ever escaped from the Sver invasion.

1. Password protectionThe following suggestions should be considered for creating and restricting passwords.

  • You use different passwords for each of your accounts.
  • Use comprehensive security software and keep it updated to avoid its stroke laggers and other malware.
  • Avoid entering the password on those computers, which you do not control. These computers may have malware that can steal your password.
  • When using unsafe Wi-Fi connection at public space or on the artificial shap, hackers who have left the password can steal your passwords and data on this unsafe connection.
  • Keeping your password changed from time to time
  • Password must be kept at least 8 characters in which there is a lower and lower case letter and some special words.
  • To put a password on the public site, use the young person's license.

2. Digital Signature Security:

  • Digital signature is very important, especially in government offices, its use is increasing regularly. To use digital signature safely, please use the following suggestions:
  • Dange is provided for the use of digital signature. Always keep with you
  • Never give a password to anyone with a digital signature dongle password.
  • An inappropriate use of digital signatures is the responsibility of the signature holder.

3. Precautions during the use of external media:

  • Keep your USB device safe with password
  • Use USB Security Products to copy data access to your USB.
  • Always keep your documents safe with strong passwords.

4. Tips for broadband internet access:

  • Always download a driver from the legitimate website recommended by the manufacturer
  • Always use the power adapter supplied by the manufacturer with the modem.
  • Do not use any broadband internet connection without filters
  • Insecure computer

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